PS3 analog stick problems (PLEASE HELP)
I am have pcsx2 on OS X mountain lion with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. The game works fine I just can't play it because of controller problems. I have tried both ZeroPad and OnePad to configure my PS3 controller and everything seems to be working, except the O and X button are switched, and the analog sticks only work going left/right. It's really pissing me off so can anyone help with a better controller plugin or something?

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Hey there, i was having the same problems when i started FM2.

Just to clarify that you're setting the controler up properly, when you go into config, are you configuring the up, down left, and right on the stick as well as the x and y axis?

you can also just reverse the configuring of the x and o buttons. this is needed because in japan, they are reversed already.

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