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PS3 controller not connecting
(If this is in the wrong forum i apologize.)

Hi, i have a ps3 controller and the program im using for it is ds3 tool. (Motion in joy) Before it ran smoothly. But now for some reason everytime i click on ds3 tool it always says the ds3 tool has stopped working. I dont have a bluetooth dongle so i cant do that. Any help?

I disabled driver signature enforcement.
Im using windows 10.
Graphics Card - Nvidia GTX 750ti
CPU- Intel Core i3-3220
8 GB of ram

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I dont remember where on here I found it, but I use SCP??? it detects my ps3 controller over usb just fine. I do have to randomly reconfigure my lilypad plugin if I swap out controllers, and thats probably due to it using a different device ID (it is a different device after all)

think link may be of use

its not motion joy..
Intel core i7 3770
Intel dh67cl
Asus Geforce GTX 750 TI oc 2GB
32GB Crucial Ballistic Sport 9-9-9-24 ram
Windows 10 Pro
Corsair 1000 watt psu

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