PS3 controller not connecting
(If this is in the wrong forum i apologize.)

Hi, i have a ps3 controller and the program im using for it is ds3 tool. (Motion in joy) Before it ran smoothly. But now for some reason everytime i click on ds3 tool it always says the ds3 tool has stopped working. I dont have a bluetooth dongle so i cant do that. Any help?

I disabled driver signature enforcement.
Im using windows 10.
Graphics Card - Nvidia GTX 750ti
CPU- Intel Core i3-3220
8 GB of ram

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I dont remember where on here I found it, but I use SCP??? it detects my ps3 controller over usb just fine. I do have to randomly reconfigure my lilypad plugin if I swap out controllers, and thats probably due to it using a different device ID (it is a different device after all)

think link may be of use

its not motion joy..
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