PS3 to PCSX2
You're welcome, generally the name of the file created by ps2 save builder will only be seen in your working OS, after mymc imports it to .ps2 memory card the save will have the name from the root/ID and the file inside and that's what really matters for ps2 to read a save correctly. Also mymc can import .psu/cbs/max/sps/xps and when saving file in ps2 save builder it's important to choose one of those, as it can save the file also in other, unsupported by mymc formats.

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so file the has to be saved as .max not .xps?where is the guide that you used to get your save file to work or can u get a screenshot, because i spent hours trying to get this to work.its a simple process but i still cant get it to work.THANKS
i opened mymc,my save file wasn't there and tried to load it says corrupt game data.then i imported the new file i made to mymc n loaded on pcsx2 it still says corrupt game data???

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