A while back I found my old PS2/PS3 memory card adapter and started to look for software that would allow it to connect to my PC (for save swapping between PS2 and PCXS2). I found the drivers required for my system (ps3mca-windrv), but when I try to point the system to the files it tells me .inf is missing a digital signature.

anybody know a way to bypass this, or able to supply working versions of the file?

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I think it'll not work that way
u need a usb,connect it to u'r ps2 & transfer memory card saves to it
convert them with mymc software (Google it Tongue2),it can convert both ps2 to pcsx2 & pcsx2 to ps2.Then load u'r game & play Smile
Means that the driver has not Microsoft certification. The same message would come if you try installing a beta driver from Nvidia or AMD/ATI for example (or any other no WHQL driver).

To be able to install non certified drivers you need to enter the advanced startup mode before booting, till windows 7 that is accomplished pressing F8 just before windows starts loading. For Windows 8 open a command prompt as administrator and type the following and press enter:
C:\Windows\system32\shutdown /r /o
reboot now (remember the F8 for Windows 7)

Once in the advanced menu navigate thru

    Then Advanced Options
    Then Startup Settings
and then restart and windows will boot normally but now with the option to "Disable driver signature enforcement". Do it and allow Windows to boot normally.

Now when trying to install unsigned drivers you will be presented with a warning about the lack of signature, "Install the driver anyway" is the obvious option if you did all that mess Smile

In time: Of course you are responsible for what you install from now on.
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i tried mymc and it doesnt work the way described

as for the signature bypass method, thanks a lot
i have had some trouble figuring it out my self and couldn't find anything

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