PS4-Based User Interface for PCSX2
Hello everyone, i'm a graphics designer enthusiast and i mainly focus my efforts on User Interfaces, PCSX2 is a great emulator, but i would always find it painful to hook my PC to my 4K TV and have to get up of the couch to switch games or make some adjustments, so i came up with this concept of a PS4 UI-Based PCSX2 User interface, mind you this is just an idea, i have little to no experience in programming, this is NOT a working build or something like that, it's just an image, hope you like it, maybe we can work something out in the future

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Looks like the image link is broken, fixed it for you.
That looks awesome actually.

I love PCSX2 but interface wise it's not a great as CEMU, Dolphin or RPCS3, at least it has a lot of settings and stuff unlike Xenia, which is just terribly barebones.

An interface like that would be nice, the closest we have now is using something like Launchbox.
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