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PS4 Controller Problem
Whenever I attempt to give controls to any Emu, my controls stick to "J0_AXIS3_MIN" (PCSX2 specific control code). I only get a solid D-Pad function such as UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT, but no R1/L1/R2/L2 or any of my other buttons. The controller itself works on other emulators, just need to do tricks in order to complete the function. With many, I specifically have to hold down the button as I switch to another function in order for it to work.

Unfortunately the only way it works with this is with the D-Pad. I did have to switch completely from Digital to Analog to get the others to work though. I really need help with the controller functions with this one though and so far have gone along the lines of almost 5 hours constantly trying different programs in order for it to work properly.

Just to note, the games 'do' work. It is just the controller that is not inputting the functions properly, and it is not the controller as it works well on my PS4 and on other Emus. I am plugged via USB that came with the console.

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I have no idea what a Ps4 controller is like on PCSX2, but in my experience, a PS3 controller works just fine for me. I am still not sure if the dualshock 3 has the same pressure sensitive X, Square, O, and Triangle functions of the Dualshock 2, but so far I have had no issues with it.

I have been using the SCPServer drivers provided from the PCSX2 site in order to use the Dualshock 3 controller with my computer. I do not have a Bluetooth receiver in my computer, so I connect my controller with a USB.

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