PS4 controller rumble without DS4 Windows?
I've been having some intermittent issues with DS4 Windows randomly disconnecting among other issues like screwing with my keyboard so I thought I would just connect my PS4 controller and bind the controls without it (PCSX2 recognizes it fine) only problem is.....

The rumble doesn't work. When I try to test the motors it doesn't recognized the controller as a device it can send rumble commands to. Is there any way around this besides going back to DS4Windows?

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The DS4 and I guess DS3 too are both DirectInput controllers, not xInput (XInput?), so you need to install an additional file to get rumble hopefully working. I would try downloading these and see if it works for you.

I think this should work (if not, I have no clue then).

You're using Win 10, but try and see if the Win 7 ones will work, I thiiiink I installed the same drivers for myself too (just in-case).
Thanks I'll take a look at it

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