[PSA] Jak Series GSDX HW Emulation Finally Fixed!
Sorry if these kinds of posts arent allowed/wrong section etc. I don't really use the forums that often.

Hardware emulation has always been an issue when running any of the games in the Jak series, which is a shame since then the best option for accuracy is software emulation, which is typically much slower for users (at least in the experience of me and others). This has been a problem for a very long time (citing GitHub issues #50 and #168 as early as May 2014) but it was fixed in June 2019 by AlessandroVetere (god himself) and then merged later in July. Less notable is the VBlank timings fix here

This is great news, but I figured that since it was merged into the 1.6.0 dev tag, I would have to wait a while for this fix to go public.

Just out of curiosity earlier this month, I decided to download the latest 1.5.0 development build. Maybe with a bit of desperation, I figured that since dev builds are created rather often, the patch may have worked it's way in. And it did. As far as I know, the latest development build should have the patch, but the earliest build with the patch is v1.5.0-dev-3197-gf40907986. This isn't the build I'm using, and I wouldnt recommend it either since tons more Jak-related patches are being released in addition to this GODLY fix.

I'm a few months late to the punch so I understand if this isn't really that big of a deal but it certainly made my day  Biggrin

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