PSCX2 - Multiplayer with Multitap - LilyPad
So I've been trying to set up the PSCX2 (r4600) to play Def Jam: fight for NY with 3 players.
I'm emulating the game perfect with two players and so wanted to play it with more then two players.

Now I've had multipad before on my PS2 so i know about it functions and what not, so when i saw LilyPad having multipad support It made me happy.
Enabling the multipad (called multitap in the emulator) i get the possibility to connect more controllers.
Now I'm using three play station 3 controllers, which I have connected to my computer via the MotionJoy's blutooth function. So I've got all three controllers connected to the computer active.

So I can see in the lilypad config window that all three controllers are connected under "Device diagnostics".
With that set I enable the multipad 1 check box, and then I gain 3 more inputs.



Now I configure PAD 1A, 1B & 2 to the controllers. All separate controllers bind perfectly to their input pad in LilyPad config window (showing that they are indeed connected), then i proceed to enable multitap 1 in config menu on the PCSX2 emulator window. When I get into Versus mode and I am asked to press start on the controllers which I want to play with, only the controllers which are connected to PAD 1A and PAD 2 works. It's like the multitap function Is not detected or not functioning.
I've even tried enabling the multitap on PAD 2 & 1, tried mapping only the PAD 1/2 A/B/C/D, the only ports that works are the PAD 1/1A and PAD 2/2A.

Anyone knows how to make it work?

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Bump please? Really want this to work, used so much time to no avail.
Bump in hope of this thread getting some more exposure.
AFAIK That option is pretty poor, doesn't work with many games, I don't think there's any way to change that, it's either working with the game or not, soo you're out of luck there.
I know this is an old thread but I figured out why some games seem to be unable to work with the multitap option.

Most of games identify the players this way:

Player 1 - Multitap 1 Pad1A
Player 2 - Multitap 2 Pad2A
Player 3 - Multitap 2 Pad2B
Player 4 - Multitap 2 Pad2C

Some other games identify the players like this:

Player 1 - Multitap 1 Pad1A
Player 2 - Multitap 1 Pad1B
Player 3 - Multitap 1 Pad1C
Player 4 - Multitap 2 Pad2A or just Pad2 without multitap2

Most of us use the latter configuration as it seems the most logical.
Well it turns out the first configuration works for most of the games.

So in summary, you need to enable the two multitaps, and have two bindings. The first binding would use Pad1A, Pad2A, Pad2B and Pad2C.
The second binding would have Pad1A, Pad1B, Pad1C and Pad2A.
You can have several bindings and load them according to the game.

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