PSCX2 Running Slowly
So just about every game I try runs very slowly, as soon as the game starts up it jumps from 60 to 20 frames. I've tried using speed hacks, but nothing worked. I've tried Sly Cooper 1 & 3 and Fullmetal Alchemist Broken Angel.

My specs:

Windows 7 64 bit
Intel® HD Graphics 3000
Radeon HD 7670M
4 gigs of ram

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IS the slowdown appear after menus or ingame ????

and what is your CPU model Smile
Core i5

Something like a menu it jumps to 40-50, but when the actual game starts and there are things moving on screen it drops right down to 20.
THE FULL name please and clock ( speed )

however so far this is normal

ingame is much more demanding than letters ....

what you should do :

1- put power plan to high performance

2- make sure that PCSX2 use Radeon HD 7670M instead of Intel HD3000 ( don't know how to do it with Catylast )

Intel Core i5 processor 2467M CPU 1.60GHz
not overclocked
(Device manager says there are 4 of these inside)
The change of power plan didn't help earlier.

I'll give it a try, I just thought it would switch over automatically like everything else.
(08-20-2012, 11:37 PM)Raiuke Wrote: Sorry;

Intel Core i5 processor
not overclocked

are you kidding me Glare

it should be XXXM or XXXX(Q)M and clock speed X.XGHz
I tried switching it so PCSX2 is on high performance for my graphics card and nothing seems to have changed.
ok do you D3DX11 option as render in GSDX

Config < Video < Plugin settings

if you do then HD 7670M should be working 100%

however your CPU clock ( speed ) is quite low ! ( which may cause slowdowns )

however to make sure what is causing Slowdowns measure the GS and EE percentage when getting slowdowns and post them here
So I did change it over so it is dedicated to my graphics card, but as soon as anything starts past the iconic PS2 screens my GS hits around 60% and EE hits 40-50%. This is completely mind blowing seeing as I can run other games that are much newer with less issues.
Maybe you should set gsdx internal res to native, then.
Which newer games are you talking about ?
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