PSCX2 spins disc but hangs
Hi there,

I've had a search through the forums to see if anyone else has had this error and although some people have it seems to be connected to other issues.

I've setup the emulator as best I can according to the guides, however when I boot from DVD (as I'm using original discs) the black screen just hangs at this point - nothing else occurs even if I leave it for 10 minutes:

[Image: psx2vm5.jpg]

As said the disc spins but nothing happens. I'm using Vista 32bit, 2GB of RAM, ATI Radeon 1500 series graphics card.

Also I was wondering why NTSC was popping up there - I'm using a PAL BIOS with PAL games.

Any ideas? I'd like to retire my PS2 in favour of my PS3...


Here is my config setup:

[Image: psxconfigvc8.jpg]

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Nevermind - I got it working using Gigahertz's CDDVD plugin.

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