PSOne Widescreen Patches
Welcome to the official thread for PS1 Widescreen patches.

Similarly to the PS2 one, here you can discuss, post and request widescreen patches for PS1 games.
Have in mind that same rules apply, for example strict 2D games and 2D-heavy games (like ones with 2D backgrounds) are mostly out of the question (See Digimon World 2 and Legend Of Dragoon patches issues).

The latest collection of patches is provided by El_Patas and me and can be found in this post:

PS1 games in general are harder to patch compared to PS2 games, or better said, there is a less universal way of patching games.
The idea is pretty similar to the generic PS2 widescreen patching (like the mathematics used) and it's the best that can be done for now if you have no assembly code knowledge.

Here's a (slightly updated) tutorial:

1. Open epsxe 1.9.25 (Yes, it has to be epsxe 1.9.25 and not any other emulator/version, it's the only emulator/version with static memory, required for this tutorial) and attach Cheat Engine (32bit) to it.
2. Set a range of search of 00A8B6A0 to 00C8B69F
3. Change the Value Type to 2 bytes
4. While on a 3D area in the game, check the hex option next to the "Value" space and put one of the values below and click "First Scan":


5. While still on a 3D area do a couple of consecutive searches (using the "Next Scan" button), then move your camera and your character a bit and press a couple of times again the next search button.
6. You will end up with a number of results that you need to check in the same way like PS2 widescreen hack searching method. Make a save state and start modifying values according to this list:

Initial Value (4:3) -> Modified Value (16:9)

1000 -> 0C00
1004 -> 0C03
1999 -> 1333
199A -> 1334
1200 -> 0D80
12AA -> 0E00
111A -> 0CD3
1400 -> 0F00
1164 -> 0D0B
0B98 -> 08B2

7.Once you notice something like the size or the zoom gets modified try to isolate the address responsible. Have in mind that PS1 games and emulators are more prone to crashes than PS2, you might have to reload the savestate and re-attach your Cheat Engine session to epsxe keeping the current searches when asked. Also if you come across a height modifier or a zoom modifier but not a width modifier you can hit Ctrl+B and search with the debugger nearby addresses (+-200) manually for a possible height modifier, most of the times they are near to each other.
8. Once you have found the address responsible, you need to do a bit of math using a Hex Calculator (Windows provide one already). Because 00A8B6A0 represents address 80000000 on PS1's memory, you need to subtract 00A8B6A0 from the resulting address (the address you found that modifies the width) and add the result to 80000000.
9. You're ready, feel free to post the result in this thread! Also if you want to provide an Eyefinity patch, here's a list of value replacements:

Initial Value (4:3) -> Modified Value (Eyefinity)

1000 -> 0400
1004 -> 0401
1999 -> 0666
199A -> 0667
12AA -> 0800
111A -> 0446
1400 -> 0800
1164 -> 0459
0B98 -> 02E6

Thanx in advance to everybody contributing to this thread!

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(Note: Merged with old OP so I could clean up some space for the new updated OP)

Ms. Pacman: Maze Madness (SLUS-01018)
Correct 16:9 - Note: The game's Widescreen mode is too narrow, use that instead
801F3828 0C00
801F3828 0400

Colin McRae Rally (SCUS-94474)
800DCE80 7000
800DCE82 0000

Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (SLUS-01222)
80056BB0 2EEE
80056BB2 0001
80056BB0 6555
80056BB2 0000

[Image: 2md7xs.jpg]
[Image: 2n0oweq.jpg]
[Image: 16h0lcg.jpg]

Thanx to PsxFan107 for the tip!
Are requests allowed as with PS2 widescreen? Cause if you made Legend of Legaia widescreen (which to my knowledge uses no prerendered backgrounds) I'll love you forever Laugh
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^I don't think I can do them for now unless I know the memory range of the game's screen settings like zoom etc.
If you know any game's zoom address there is a high possibility I can patch it.
The good thing is that PS1 has a really small memory and the possible addresses are even less if you know how to narrow them down so even if I wanted to go address by address I could do that.
Is this thread for pcsx, for ps1-emus in general or for the ps1-emu in ps2 emulated by pcsx2?
(07-11-2014, 10:56 PM)willkuer Wrote: Is this thread for pcsx, for ps1-emus in general or for the ps1-emu in ps2 emulated by pcsx2?

Anything that can use Gameshark codes.
Pacman World (SLUS-00439)
Correct 16:9 - Note: The game's Widescreen mode is too narrow, use that instead
80150FF0 0C00
80150FF0 0400

[Image: 16lftpv.jpg]
In-Game Widescreen
[Image: oghwyq.jpg]
Fixed Widescreen
[Image: 2e0tnxi.jpg]
[Image: ixqoag.jpg]

Aqua GT (SLES-03390)
Correct 16:9 - Note: The game's Widescreen mode is a bit off to rounding 4:3 math, It's not easily noticable but use that instead.
8012257C 0E5A
8012257C 04DD

[Image: 29ekg11.jpg]
Fixed Widescreen
[Image: n3pu2w.jpg]
[Image: 2hi4842.jpg]

Bloody Roar 2 (SCUS-94424)
Correct 16:9 - Note: The game has 3 Widescreen modes that not even one is correct, use that one instead
801F0018 1333
801F0018 0666

[Image: 2dme35k.jpg]
Corrected 16:9
[Image: 33c9h8l.jpg]
[Image: 241m591.jpg]

Also there is somekind of weird zoom value on Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped SCUS-94244 in 8005D11C but the values around it crash the game.
Woot. Nice thread. +1
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Thanx! I try to figure out a way to make a tutorial. For now the only hint I have is that the value is being stored on ePSXe's memory between 00A00000 and 00CFFFFF and it's a static value on 3D scenes that is between 0100 and FFFE.
I would love to see this for FF games. I'd give it a try myself, but that's a pretty big range of possible values and I am a novice when it comes to cheat engine. Although, the FF games use prerendered backgrounds, so except for the ones that kind of "scroll" with your movement, I guess it might not be very useful for them.
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