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PSOne Widescreen Patches
MDK Widescreen NTSC-U:

80007600 0C00
80007602 2401
80007604 0018
80007606 0181
80007608 6012
8000760C 0018
8000760E 0161
80007610 5812
80007614 6302
80007616 000C
80007618 5B02
8000761A 000B
8000761E A4AC
80007620 000C
80007622 A4AB
80007624 4351
80007626 0802
80090D3C 1D80
80090D3E 0800

Character fix
80071D24 00A2
80071D26 2402
30071D4C 00F8
80071F74 00A2
80071F76 2402
30071F94 00F8

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whats with that code being so long psxfan
It's because there was no simple way of doing it. I had to scale two FOV values. Also, nobody questioned you about the length of your codes.
spyro 3's is rather long with the UI fix as I had to filter out certain bitmaps from being scaled based off their call address. pandemonium 1/2 is rather long due to a memory patch breaking too much and fixing the value also breaking too much. Gex 2 is long due to the amount of bytes that could be written in 1 operation. CTR is rather long due to font spacing values not being in a fixed memory location.
You didn't need to explain all of that. You left notes with each of your codes that made things very clear. My point is, my code isn't really that long yet you felt it was necessary to ask me why it was so long even though it isn't a big deal.
2 questions about Spyro:
1. Does Spyro 3 1.1 Widescreen code can be ported to normal 1.0 version?
2. Did someone worked on Spyro 2 widescreen code?
I can work on spyro 2. 1.1 is equal to greatest hits for spyro 3 and was the version I legally had
has anyone managed to run multi-track games on NO$PSX
Quake II (E) [SLES-01534]

800D5D46 0180

[Image: FTPATPL.png]

Original value 0200 (512 decimal)
I tried using my gameshark to make widescreen codes for NTSCU Beyblade and SmackDown!2 with no luck. Should I try using emulation to figure it out?

Edit: can someone make the codes since these are my only 2 ps1 games for right now

Edit2: near impossible to get Cheats on emulation to work with smackdown 2, it seems easier to use gameshark's with a switch on the cartridge to get them to work by flipping the switch after the match starts

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