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PSOne Widescreen Patches
Hey guys, I would like to make a patch request... for DOOM. It's a weird one, really, as in it isn't really 3D, and I guess that's true for consoles as well. The way the game raster the 2D surfaces to make them look 3D was kind of unique (I guess), and the process was done by the CPU alone, which was the only thing most PCs had at the time.

The way that most emulators try to run PSX DOOM leads me to believe the game uses the same technique. In NO$PSX for example, the game is still shown in "2D":

[Image: vHdvjfm.png][Image: BuGiIr9.png]

Full-size images:

The emulator pSX(fin) has the same effect. PGXP also seems to have no effect on this game, even with "Mem + CPU logic" mode, which is supposed to capture and fix vertices from memory, as well as the CPU. But this wouldn't really be necessary as there is no visible warping on this game, aside from the "double pixel-width" style of textures in walls and such, which when moving the camera it gives a weird tearing effect.

Pete'sOGL2 renders this game perfectly:

I made the silly mistake of scaling the game to square pixels here, but this does look closer to the PC's aspect ratio, rather than the "stretched" 240p 4:3 of most console ports.

But enabling the "Special game fixes > Disable coord check" hack, breaks the game in a similar (yet different XD) way:

[Image: pnsfbGj.png][Image: qTT562y.png]

I hope this information can help on creating a widescreen cheat code for this game, which looks and plays great with xBRz and overclocked, reaching 60 FPS (most of the time).

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doom's probably gonna be a ***** to get proper widescreen but it is possible due to using triangles for the environment rather than rectangles. The hand and main background will never be fixed without ISO mods

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