PSP as controller
I have seen people mention using their PSP and USB cord as a controller. Can anyone link me to a guide or explain how to do this(if its possible).


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it's not possible. and what you are seeing is fake. (I'm a PSP sceener, and I've done about everything there is to do with it)
It's not currently possible (there's nothing on the net like this) BUT you could do it with libusb and a proper program on PC simmilar to DS3 Tool. Doesn't sound that hard to do but wouldn't be usefull for PCSX2 because of 2 buttons missing and a whole analog controller.
Not sure if its compatible with current CFW but it is certainly possible Was doing this back on CFW 5.50 Pro
the PSP can't send controls OUT. It is a pure receiver. I've been looking into something similar. people managed to send a video signal from the PSP, but that's because that's what SCEI did to show it off at E3. they just disabled it
I have used this several times back when I didnt have a dedicated gamepad for my PC and I know for a fact that it works for emulators. Just need to use the Note button to access a secondary Analogue stick.
I never had any luck making that work
Thanks for all the replies. To those who think it works, does anyone have a guide or link?
Your resolve is admirable, crZyhamSter.
You can find guides on youtube on how to get it working. Need a PSP running CFW tho as I dont think its been signed to run on OFW.

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