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PSX Mode Unofficial Compatibility List
What Tongue2

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I can confirm Crash Bandicoot 1 runs really well on PCSX2 apart from several transparency bugs in OpenGL Hardware mode. Works flawlessly in OpenGL software mode. If you want to use HW mode, you first have to boot in software mode to prevent texture corruption.
(01-04-2018, 11:00 AM)rama Wrote: What Tongue2
World is in need of a hero that knows how to handle PSX mcards filesystem.
EXT2 seemingly if possible.
As in how to handle PSX data manipulation on a PC in a similar fashion to mymc for PS2? From what I've read it's kind of low level, simple stuff. The cards themselves are 128 KiB and it's either 8 or 16 KiB per block, forgive me I don't remember which, and the nocash docs do a pretty good job explaining the metadata parts of the cards. Hell I was able to open one in Notepad++ and could (to an extent) tell what parts were what.
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Oh yeah Red Pandas are cool too.

Well, the most brilliant minds seemingly couldn't get to it, for some obscure reason.

Anyway, the showerthought of the day is:
Should we include PS1 games in GameIndex.dbf? Had we better put them in another file?
Is there another project that perhaps has already one we could use? Just screw it?
PSX Mode only detects the ELF name currently, additional detection would have to be added.
The current PSX emulation is too weak to spend too much time on it. If somone finds an easy to batch convert list(there has to be one right), it seems logical to include in the GameIndex. No need for a secondary file.
But it's defiantly something to consider in the future when accuracy and such increases in the future.
PSX titles could be included, if only to print a nice name.
I wouldn't mix them with the PS2 titles though. I'd rather prefer a separate file.

Regarding the PSX Memory Card file system, it will be enough if we (continue to) support it at a low level.
Tools should already be able to work with them, though I haven't tested.
If that Linux on PSX project actually works on real hardware, I don't think the Memory Cards would break it on PCSX2.
It's more likely to fail on a missing core feature, just like PS2 Linux (requires an MMU, iirc).
The PS2 has an MMU afaik.
And from I could understand, everything from the original 2001 runix release (that supposedly was working?) has been recovered - but the "memory card builder".
But I guess like you are the experts.

Anyway, having them separated, but still in the same file could *also* be an option.
Though maybe, some ps1 emulator might be interested into keeping up this list too (and in this case, of course, the only option would be a separate file)?

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