PSX disc error
I keep reading that PCSX2 supposedly has PSX disc compatibility, however, my disc image gives me the error "PSX game discs are not supported by PCSX2" and that I need to download another emulator. Does my image need to be an ISO? It's currently a .bin.

Edit: I guess I should add that I'm currently using v1.4.0

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try latest git
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As jesalvein said, requires a new build from
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Thank you both! It ran but the graphics and audio are buggy. Rather than ask about that I've been trying to solve the problems myself, but I have zero IT training. I'm just foraying into the emulator world and things like GitHub are completely new to me. I've read through the faq and most of the phrases used in the answers there go right over my head. Can anyone provide me a nice list of sites/tools/places to check to really get started and able to get under the hood just a little bit? TIA
PS1 emulation is still something new to pcsx2 and such problems can be expected(and probably it can't be fixed right now by just changing some option)
Better use some PS1 emulator like ePSXe if you want to play PS1 games
Edit: Misunderstood the question. Nothing to see here.

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