PSX emulation
I'm just curious, is it theoretically possible? I know there is a lot of PSX emulators and nobody wants to work on psx on pcsx2. But sometimes developers answers on this type of questions with technical explanations, which are always interesting to read.

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Why to do another emulator, why there is nearly perfect one already (
it's possible yes, but not likely they'l do it cause PS2 emulation is the TOP priority
If i remember correctly the PS1 processor is in the PS2 and handles the PS1 games. It would make no sense seeing as we already have perfectly good PS1 emulators, yet PCSX2 is the only decent PS2 emulator. Best focus on getting the PS2 emulation as good as possible and leaving the others to the PS1 emulators.
Besides, I can only think of a handful of PS1 games worth going back to play.. Umm.. Metal gear, FFVII-FFXI, Parasite Eve 1-2, , Wild arms, Resident evil 1-3. Not really that much to warrant a psx emulator on pcsx2.
that will be waste of time only because we already have one
Please, stop posting stuff everybody knows about. It is not a request and I don't want to play any PSone games on PCSX2. It's just my curiosity. I'm interested in technical details, and expecting something like Air's post about CUDA. It's ok if developers don't want to answer. Just keep thread clean, please.
No. We will not. We cannot without writing a new emulator most likely.

And this is not the right place to post it, so closed.
In order for Pcsx2 to correctly emulate PSX games it would basically have to load and use PSX plugins (primarily SPU and GS -- I think the cdvd plugin would be ok). Additionally we would need to re-integrate the PSX GPU into the R300A/IOP side of Pcsx2. Neither of these is especially complicated, but they aren't necessarily easy either (mostly due to the GUI renovations needed to adapt to it), and in order to make the emulation perform well we'd need to set it up so that the EE basically shuts itself down as currently the EE would spin heavily in one of the kernel idle loops and use a lot of CPU for no good reason. [tho recent speed hacks could maybe fix that part, yay?]

Anyways, it's something we might do someday when we're really bored and have nothing else useful left to work on PS2-wise. But you might need hair implants before that happens. Wink
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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