PSX memory card emulation
Hey everyone. I'm looking for docs on the PS1 memory card emulation. All i found on the net is some pinouts and waveforms which are totally useless. PCSX 1/2 sources are only-semi useable as they are not documented and my emulator is quite different (java) so i cant just copy & paste the code from PCSX lol.

PS. Couldnt post this in the Developer section - says i dont have permission??!

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Hey! But I think its a PS2 Emulator, PCSX2 Forums not a ps1 memory card... forums!Tongue
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Have a Google for mymc. The guy has documented a lot on ps2 memory cards, not sure how similar they are tho.
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PCSX2 memory card code is virtually identicall to that of PCSX1, with some minor additions.

I need the info on Memcard interface, that is, how to talk to them. The actual contents of MC's is pretty well documented.
The PS2/PS1 uses the SIO (serial in/out) interface which is accessed via fifo writes on the hardware. unfortunately its been hacked together over the years due to the same issue as you are experiencing, there is no documentation on it.

The closest things youll get to documentation is the PS2 SDK or the ps2 linux sites.
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i have both the PS1 and PS2 sdks that are floating on the net and there's nothing there detailing the low-level info on the SIO. They only describe the high-level C lib routines for accessing the memcards.

The the big pain is, all open source emus originated from PCSX and thus all inherited the same messy code. I wish epsxe guys released their stuff but i suspect its equally horrible.

Oh and the NetBSD port of PS2 is deprecated AND never supported the memcards in the first place. What linux are you talking about? Runix, the attempt by russian hackers to port ulinux kernel? I have that too but dont know if it even works, its quite a lot of work to get it up and running from the sources ;-)

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