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PSX2 emulator things freeze
Three threads and two threads have about the same speed

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Sorry for the double post, but That didn't work either. I started playing it and the speed was 40-45.. sometimes 30 fps in town, but it played perfectly in battle, so it was hardly noticable. I got to play for a while, accidently lost my saves due to loading a save state (That was accidently made when I first started no less) by accident while saving. I cut my losses and played from the save state. a few minutes into the 4th tutorial battle and it crashes (Yeah it's pretty random. lasted about 3-4 minutes. I was still on the first turn of my fight)
Firstly id try updating your graphics drivers. If could be worth monitoring your temperatures as well as it could be due to overheating.
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i think I fixed it. I ended up reinstalling PCSX2 because my memory card corrupted and I couldn't use it. that didn't solve the saving problem (For some reason), but once I got the game up and running... well.. I've been playing for an hour straight with no freezes. =D
Oh.. and thanks alot to all the people who helped =D

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