PTR 2 graphics glitching
g'day, ive been running the latest PCSX on the GSDX plugin using SSE4.1, and what not, ive been playing parappa the rapper 2 and the bar at the top for the buttons you are supposed to press while playing glitches from the screen and disapears from view unless parappa (player character) is on the screen, ive tested all different combinations of plugins and so far none have fixed the problem, though it is listed as playable on the compatability list O.o is there currently a fix for this, or could it be something else?

Intel i7 960
ATI HD5750 1GB
12GB ram


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You're in luck; I'm a self-taught expert on what I think the game is trying to do here.

You see, when the TV overlay comes up, the GSdx plugin thinks it is layered in front of the lyrics. You'll also encounter tons of things blocking the lyrics on level 3.

The only possible solution currently is to play in software rendering (press F9 to switch between SW/HW rendering) - the game is not CPU-intensive in SW rendering at all, and even if you should have troubles, the game synchronizes to the audio. This means that the Async synchronization mode (set in the audio plugin settings) will cause the game to run at "full speed" regardless of the FPS.

SW rendering still has its problems though - the "colourful noodle" effect when you are doing bad will still not show up and what I think of an effect related to that sometimes shows up in levels on SW rendering. Also, there are some garbled textures in the arena mode that only appear on SW rendering.

Hope this info helps you.
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I have everything...
works like a charm now, cheers.

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