I am running Linux EndeavourOS and I am trying to use a PXN P3 Joystick controller.

I had a dongle that come with it, but I can't seem to find it at all. So I am forced to use bluetooth. All the other emulators like Dolphin & Retroarch &
Mame and PPSSPP seem to recognize it and work fine with it.

I should mention I am having to connect via "Bluetooth", since I can't find the dongle to connect with.

I am using version 17.3500 of PCSX2 it's the latest I can install for now from the repo's I am using.

Anyway using this controller and using a "Bluetooth" connect with PCSX2 and it recognizes the controller fine, but the problem is
there are a few buttons it doesn't recognize and a few buttons that are off. Namely the start button and back buttons aren't seen regardless of what
I do. The Right Shoulder button seems to be acting as the start button from what I can tell.

Not sure if I have provided enough info to get help, I can provide more if needed.

This controller seems to work fine with other emulators like I said, it's just the only option is "Dual Shock" and it does see my controller in the options.
Just wonder if anyone had any ideas as to what I might could try or do or how I might could provide more information?


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