Pacman World Rally graphical issues
Hi Guys, trying run run Pacman World rally, and getting graphical issues. I have tried most of the fixes and settings, and while it fixes one issue caused another

PC: Intel i5, 
graphics: GTX 1650
Win 10 
PCSX2 1.4.0, Direct11 (hardware)

These are things ive tried:

1) Fixed missing race course:  Emulation Settings - VUs tab, and set Clamping Mode to "Extra + Preserve Sign" to fix the graphic issues.

2) Fixes vertical lines: (Config > Video (GS) > Plugin Settings, click "Enable HW Hacks" > Configure hacks, set skipdraw to 1)

Now the only problem is random square bars, some screen tearing on shadows, and some pixie dust. Ive seen others on youtube emulate this fine.(attached image)

any help would be appreciated

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Upgrade to 1.5 using the link below
(11-14-2019, 05:11 AM)CK1 Wrote: Upgrade to 1.5 using the link below

you da man! thanks.

Just FYI, with 1.5 update, the other problems resolved but now left a different issue w/ shadow artifacts in Direct11

But switched to OpenGl hardware, works fine with no graphical issues, but the intro is slow, then resumes to normal at gameplay

I can live with that

thanks again!
What sort of artifacts? A picture would be nice

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