Pad Problems
Hey there, I'm new to the forums and PS2 Emulation in general. Now, here's my problem:

I've downloaded, installed, and configured this emulator with the bios and everything and I can get it running. I'm trying to play Shadow of the Colossus but heres the thing. Everytime I start up the emulator, it asks for a config. So I configure it again to the way it was, and get it going. So I thought that wasn't really an issue but as it turns out I can't even setup the pad plugin's controls (Lilypad or the other one that comes with.. Can't remember) because the second I close that menu it just reverts back to default (Nothing setup)

So, essentially, my problem is that no configuration is saving what-so-ever. And by the way, I have no problem running this game at 60-70fps, it's just the issue of not being able to select anything in the menu because I can't setup the controls lol. Can anyone help? I'm sure it's a simple solution but I've installed and reinstalled this emulator 5 times now with no changes. I'm running on Windows 7, Intel dual core 3ghz, 6 gigs of ram... Can't remember the exact video card but I know it's dx10 or better lol Thanks!!!

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Right click and select run as admin...

Alternatively, move the PCSX2 folder somewhere like My Documents or Desktop or some place without restriction.

If all else failed, disable UAC (not recommended).
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Thankyou! Runs 100% perfectly now.
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