Pal question
Is the slowdown of the pal version of persona 3 fes and persona 4 noticeable or is it a good port?

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No i thought PAL version work better than NTSC because of fps limit but sometimes it is the port that makes it slow lol
Cant say much but; LOL
(06-27-2012, 08:06 AM)ecchiless Wrote: Cant say much but; LOL

Lol cant believe i misread that hahahaLaugh

technical description:
Something I feel has been overlooked is that if a developer is based in a PAL region, there is a decent chance the game is optimized for PAL. British developers, namely Rareware, excelled at porting their games to NTSC while making the PAL version the 'native' version.

Rareware are especially interesting because the NTSC version of N64 classic Perfect Dark has screen resolution issues under emulation not present in the 'native' PAL version.

So ultimately, the best version of the game is the one closest to the developer's/publisher's home region. The exception, content-wise, is that sometimes 'non native region' versions of games are better because the developers have time to add deal-sweeting features.
Guys, the OP only asked about this specific game and looking at the question probably already being fully aware of the differences, which varies and question in regard to specific title has surely it's place here, there's no reason to give general differences between PAL vs NTSC versions in this thread. >.<

Unfortunately I never got pal version of any Persona, soo cannot answer 100% sure, but other Shin Megami Tensei were rather bad ports from what I saw(ie. stretched graphics in compare to ntsc which results in double stretched while using 16:9 - through WS patches can fix that), soo I wouldn't expect much from that series PAL versions in general.

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