Pal to NTSC
First of all whats the main diference in terms of compatibility with both versions of the game?

Second.....Someone told me that Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 would work without flashing if i used the ntsc version over the pal one.Even if its true, can I load my pal saved into my ntsc game?

Thanks, Hope i can make the games stop flasing like hell for once.

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Actually they are differences Between Television Standards (PS2 is a console meant to be used with TV and so must follow the local standard).

To the second, no, you can't play directly the saves... still I read somewhere that exist utilities able to convert the saves in between versions... but even so you still need to have the NTSC version of the game to it to work.

Sorry I don't know the game and don't know if that flashing can be solved by adjusting the emulator configuration options. Hope someone with experience with that specific to come up with more accurate answer.

P.S. Although not the only differences in terms of game, one the most meaningful and prohibiting to the interchangeable usage is the timing; on PS2 the events are synchronized with the frames so they are strongly dependent on the FPS, which is 50 in PAL and 60 in NTSC. Such is not a real issue to PC that doesn't use any TV standard and should not have perceptible differences in quality or smoothness. The reported flashing is probably consequence of the emulator having problem with that specific game version, even because it is more extensively tested with the NTSC. Another difference is the number of lines per frame and that one is probably the cause of GS misinterpreting what to output.
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