Parappa the Rapper 2 graphics problem
I'm trying to play Parappa the Rapper 2. It seems to work well for the most part, but when I'm trying to play a song, occasionally the bar at the top (where it shows the buttons you need to press) disappears, then reappears a little bit later.
It's very annoying, but this seems to be the only problem I'm having and most other games work fine. I've messed with the settings a lot, but nothing seems to be helping. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Hi there, I'll up this thread since I've the same problem.

I'm using pcsx2 since a lot, but this time I can't get this game working properly. I saw in the compatibility list that this game is listed as playable, but it is only in the first stage.

From the second stage the bar at the top is delayng and it's not possible to press the correct keys.

I tried several versions of pcsx2 and several configs, but nothing worked, it's always the same.

My pc is good to run almost everything at 60fps, so i don't think it's an hardware problem. If anyone as achieved the result to make this game playable can suggest me the CORRECT config?

Thanx Laugh
I am also having the stage 2 disappearing bar thing, i see this hasn't really been updated in a long time and i really want this fixed

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