Patch Making For Dummies [SceMpegIsEnd]
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This is an extremely simple method for skipping videos in a game and ONLY works for games using the SceMpegIsEnd

This won't make a game magically work even when you are past a video

Step 01
You will firstly need PS2Dis. Extract this into a folder such as C:\ps2dis or where ever you wish to.

Step 02
Insert your game CD or DVD into a drive (of course you will need a DVD drive to read DVD discs). Or if for whatever reason (we don't wish to know) you are using a ISO of the game, mount the ISO onto a virtual drive, using such tools as Nero, Alchol 120% or Daemon Tools.

Step 03
Load up PS2dis from wherever you put it, browse to the drive where the game is via File>Open and select the main exe (aka ELF).

The main game executable will loook like AAAA_###.##. Where 'AAAA' is SCES / SLES / SCUS / PBPX / SLPM. ###.## will be a series of numbers.

Step 04
Now go to Edit>Find Pattern:

Next tick As Hex String and put the following into the search box: 4000838c0800e0030000628c

You should have something like the image below:

Step 05
This should of jumped to a line similiar to below, note if it does not find this line, I'd recommend not bothering attempting to skip videos in a game unless you have further experience in this kind of stuff, which given you're reading this guide, I somewhat doubt

Read down from the highlighted line, where it should say lw v0, $0000(v1) (normally two lines down), this is the line you are going to patch. On the far left there will be an 8 long number (called an address ), in this case it's 00236cd8, make a note of YOUR number (eg, not the one in this example). Double check you got it written down correctly!!!! a single number / letter out will make your patch USELESS.

Step 06

Now it is time to make the patch, make a new text file, and paste the following into it:

comment=Skips Video (sceMpegIsEnd)
//Skip Videos
patch=0,EE,YOUR NUMBER,word,24020001

Replace 'NAME OF YOUR GAME' with well you guessed it Replace 'YOUR NUMBER' with that number you got from ps2dis, AGAIN MAKE SURE YOU GOT IT DOT ON!!!, save the text file!

Step 07

Put the *.txt file you just made into the patch's folder of PCSX2. Boot PCSX2, and enable Console and patchs

Then run the emulator (making sure it's setup to read from the drive you have your game in!

PCSX2 will not be able to find the patch, don't panic! In the console output (which you just enabled), the CRC of the game will be meantioned, in this case 22E91837. Make a note of YOUR CRC.

Close the emulator, and go into your patch folder, rename the text file with your patch in it, to YOUR CRC.pnach (replace 'YOUR CRC' with the number you just got from the console title.

Voila you just made a patch, re-run the emulator (making sure you leave 'enable patches' ticked), and the game may get further, if you get any results, post your patch with screenshots in the screenshots thread.

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