Patch help.
Hello everyone, i red the patch tutorial, but if i type the code and then click new patch, and put the file into the patch directory and then refresh the list, my patch is not there. No matter what i type, even if i type something that is posted on the patch thread where everyone posts their patches.

And the second question: it works good if i download the file, but it seems i cant create it myself, but how do i use active patches? Are there any buttons i have to press? I want to make cheats for games, i already have an adress, thats needed to be change in gabe DBZ Infinite World for zenie bug, but i can't work the patch out, please help.

UPDATE: I created the patch just by copying another file and then editing it with notepad, but i cant view the contents in the pcsx2, meaning the patch would not work probably, maybe im doing something wrong.

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