So as another dumb question, I was wondering how to get patches to work on Pscx2 0.9.7 beta. There is no folder made for patches and even though I have no real idea how to get patches to work, even after toying with it for a while. I know there is a button to enable patches though I have no idea where to place the patch itself or any other info on how to make the patch affect the game. Thank you for your time to read this and hopfuly respond.

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What patches do you need enabled? Is it cheats you want to use?

Take a look at the first post in this thread for a little info on the pnach system, in the latest beta you need to use the "cheats" folder for the .pnach files instead and "enable cheats" option since the patches are to enable settings needed for games now.
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Can someone please make a pnach file with cheats for R-Type Final. I tried, but it refuses to work. Also.. my PCSX2 folder didnt have a cheats or Patches folder in it.. so I made one for the pnach file.. but it still didnt load.

All I want is the invincibility cheat, and the cheat that unlocks all the ships when I enter the R-museum.

Its crc is 0x37c53760 and it is a PAL region game, console did NOT show the code for the region I cant help there. -_-

TO anyone who does this.. THANK YOU.

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