Patches (Newbie here)
Hello guys!

What are patches? What's the purpose of these? Can you please tell me?


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Please read the links in the first post here (the create patches one for starters), you might get a better idea then:
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His question proceeds, patches before 0.9.7 confused with cheats, now they are separated things. For the "Enable Patches" at the GUI it means the game fixes for the being played game is automatically applied (if it exist in the games database and is needed, of course). It is advised to let it on.

Cheats now are known as... cheats, you should "Enable cheats" case are using them (they are related to a file with the extension .pnach and named the same as the game's CRC), otherwise keep it off, your call, performance hit is minimal if kept on, if at all.

The pointed thread has the two, although almost everything there is related to cheats and so, related with the "Enable cheats" instead the "Enable Patches".
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