Patches don't work in new betas anymore?

I just downloaded the latest beta r1888 to confirm if my problem still exists and unfortunately it does.

Well, I currently play some Final Fantasy Games (FFX Int and FFXII US) and to speedup things I used some Patches. My pnach files are quite large but all cheats are tested and are working. The proof is as I am 49hrs into FFX Int with beta r1329 and some hrs in FFXII US.

If I use the same pnach files on either r1474 or r1888 the Emulator immediately stops on booting the game. The strange thing is that if I acutally activate all patches during the game using the patch browser they work Blink

Also if I only activate one patch at a time the emulator works without problems. So the problem seems to be that too many patches break the boot-up process?

Anyway, I hope anyone can help me as I like to try the new betas.

My System:
C2D E8400@4,3Ghz
Nvidia GF260GTX²
Windows 7 RC1

Thank You

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Do you have your console part on or off? i noticed i couldnt enable any patches at all if it was off, or else it would crash.
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit
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Console is always on for me
copy/paste your cheats here, common thing to try is change a patch which address's start with '2' to '0', so like:


for example, also if you have many cheats better check one by one see if any in particular is giving trouble as I think some just wont work so well.
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