Patches for PS2 games?
Hello All!

I missed the PS2 times, and I'm lacking some tech. info.

Are there any patches for PS2 games. I mean fixes from their developers? 
How to install them, or PCSX2 handles this?


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As far as I know there are no developer ever released a patch for one of their PS2 games, especially not for use on an emulator, but there are fan made patches. Like the widescreen patches which you can enable on the PCSX2 System menu. Some of these widescreen patches also fix a few other minor issues in a game.
All PS2 titles were perfect on the 0th day? ...
Nowdays a PS4 title gets 0-10 patches in their lifetime.
they werent perfect.
but released as they were.

The few games that had patches were the ones that were using the PS2 HDD, like FFXI
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Hum in my opinion, it can be an advantage and a disavantage at the same time Smile. Some games had some serious bugs that unfortunately can't be solve (the famous hollyday demo disk 2004 that erase your entire memory card if you finish the first level of the Viewtiful Joe 2 demo, or the "Galactron" issue on the Pal release of the 1st Ratchet and Clank). But some other have funny bugs wich remain in the final game (for exemple the 1st Ratchet and Clank game (again Smile )have an exploit that can enable the debug menu! And the Simpsons's game still have the GTA level in the ps2 version.

And you can patch a game with PCSX2 if you are good enough Smile (it support .pnach files).
SOCOM II patched using the memory card to store the patch data. I cannot recall any other game doing this though.

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