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I've had this problem since 0.9.8. Dosen't really matter I just took it for a new bug but nobody has mentioned it so perhaps somethings up on my part. The fact it didnt happen on 0.9.4, 0.9.6 or 0.9.7 must mean I did changed something between.

Its that USUALLY(but not always) when I pause to change a emulation or GS setting or even nothing at all, just to quickly go on the internet or something when I come back to "resume" it will then emulate, as I can hear the audio, when I use the controller I am interacting with the game but the window displaying the game dosen't appear.

I have to pause it again then resume again then it works.

Not really a problem since it takes like 2 seconds but...odd...
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Known issue when you change your settings (graphics plugin) while pause, just either do the double pause/resume or change the settings without pausing at all.
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Ah wellRolleyes
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