PcSX_0.9.9 won´t read save games ...

i have experienced following problem:

I downloaded the newest save games of DEF JAM Vendetta AND Fight for NY from GameFAQs. I am using "My M.C." and "PcSX" both newest version. By clicking on the downloaded save games in MC, it accepts them and puts them into the virtual memorycard slot 1. Now, when i load one of the isos, it prompts to create a new save instead of loading the save games. I have respected the regions, "Vendetta" is US while "Fight for NY" is PAL. All other savegames of other games will be loaded.
Before i have copied the PcSX own "memcards" - files from the previous version to the new by using "FreeCommander" and linked them to the new "PcSX". What did i do wrong ?!

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are you sure you have formatted the destined MMC before importing saves from Mymc? Try formatting the second memory card, import the saves there, then manually copy the saves using the PS2 browser.
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