Pcsx problem...
I have the bios and the memory card files, but every time I try to play a game it says I don't have them. First it says it can't find the memory card files. I press ok and it starts to open the game, then I get an error message saying something like "error creating bios scph10000.nvm" or something like that. I have it in there, but why won't it work?

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i had that problem for a while, i had to basically redownload everything and it worked. i think i might have also used a different bios.

as for the memory cards i always had problems with them until i booted into the bios and formated them from that. when i formated the cards from the bios everything worked fine
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OS= Windows 7 RC1
You need to install PCSX2 to a folder where you have write permissions,like My Documents.
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