Pcsx2 0.9.2 won't load .iso
Hello, i have been up for almost 24 hours trying to get this to work but can't figure it out. I have figured everything out ( I thought ), set up bios etc. I downloaded Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd, an iso file, and mounted it to my G: drive using Daemon Tools. I use Linuzappz Iso CDVD Driver 0.5.0. The problem is when I go to configure-> Select Iso, and click on my ISO mounted file, it doesnt load the whole ISO file at all, it goes right into the ISO file, and the only file I'm able to select and load is an .IMG file inside the ISO file. Then when I got to file > run CD/DVD, I load into the PS2 browser screen with 2 memory cards and no CD/DVDs available. How do I fix this? Thx

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0.9.2? The latest official version is 0.9.4 and there is also the Playground branch...get the latest version first: http://www.pcsx2.net/
Now if you want to directly run an ISO,do NOT mount it and simply point the plugin to the unmounted iso file.
Of course,after you update your PCSX2
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I got it to work. I can't believe it was that simple, this whole time... Jeez, thx again. I really appreciate it!
What do you do after you point the plug in to the unmounted iso, and i get some sort of error which closes it instantly when i select the iso from a the Run< Cd/DVD thingy
Help plz
(01-18-2009, 12:32 PM)richirvin9 Wrote: I downloaded Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd, an iso file

Right,missed that.Closing as in no support for piracy (check our rules)
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