Pcsx2 0.9.6,wow,awesome!
Hi All !

I'm newbie in this forum and i like this forum.Everyday i watch,learn,and configuring my pcsx2 0.9.6 in my PC.

Now,i can play my favorite games:Resident evil 4 at full speed(60fps)

i also tested:Resident evil outbreak 1&2,code veronica X
saint seiya-chapter sanctuary,dynasty warriors:Xtreme legends 5,SMTTongueersona4.They run(not bad,at 55fps sometimes 60fps)

so,thanks to the author of pcsx2.Without that,i can't my favorites games because i dont have ps2.

I'm sorry for my bad english coz i'am from indonesia

see you,guys!
I wanna sleep tight.

Please dont banned me,i like this forum.

Thanks before
Please reply me

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Sigh, then don't mention that piracy stuff?
You need to own a ps2 to use this emu..
in b4 kaz hirai
as above, we don't support piracy.

Lidve: enjoy your warning for spamming Wink
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