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Pcsx2 crashes when opening config/patches.
Hey everybody.

Silenus from Ngemu.

I downloaded the latest svn 1974 and when trying to go to config then patches the emu crashes.

In the patches folder there is a default.xml file that is blank when you open it.

Is there a step that I'm missing.

Only problem atm, patches were working on my previous version, but I wanted to try the latest and see its progress.


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Dunno ya. Anyway, 0.9.7 ?? The latest svns aren't stable due to the gui changes that are being made to the emu I think.

Edit: Maybe you should try the latest public beta. I assume this one must be stable since it is on the download section: (It still uses the old gui though).
They're at r1980 as I post this so maybe its fixed, they seem to be updating it very frequently so its being worked on. The latest SVN using legacy GUI would be a better bet to try as its got frame limiter, etc. I use it with no problems over r1888.
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