Pcsx2 0.9.7 Problem
Hi, sorry if this thread isn't supposed to be here. I'm new in this forum.
First of all, I tried the Pcsx2 0.9.6 before and of course it was the latest and the better emulator I've seen, even with his FPS and speed troubles.
Now I installed the 0.9.7 version. I was surprised with his appreciable difference with the previous version. It was the firs time in my life I could try the Shadow of the Collosus epic gaming at a proper speed and full 1366x768 resolution screen. Just marvelous.
Well then, I tried the God of War game and the so called green screen problem appeared, so I downloaded a GS plugin (12xxm, I don't remember), specificly for this game. It wasn't so good at all, but when I tried again the 0.9.7 GS plugin (SS4.1) it began to run all the games I have at about 10 FPS with every configuration blend I tried (resolution, internal resolution, D3D9, D3D10, speedhacks...). I did remember the configuration I had the first time I run this beta version so I can't understand what's going on.

I have a Windows 7 - Intel CORE i7, so I doubt if it's my laptol problem or anything else.

Please, I just want to know if there is any solution before going back to the *** slowy and problematic DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of the 0.9.6 version Sad

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what is your i7's clock speed and what's your video card??

*SoC,GoW,BT3 are CPU demaning minimun more likely a range of 3.5~4 Ghz.
*get the highest GSdx version and set to "native" to remove the green fog fixes
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GoW I can run near full on native on 2.2 dual. BT3 you will have to increase the VU stealing speedhack

and despite having an i7, pcsx only uses 2 cores of it. but you can use software mode with any threads to increase he speed that way as well
It's 1.6 GHz, 2.8 GHz with turbo boost.
ATI Movility Radeon 4570, 512 MB RAM
I know some games need a higher tech machine, but if that same game run perfectly with this machine once I tried it, why did it fail later?
Thank you for your interest

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