Pcsx2 0.9.7 latest SVN compilations
I am going to upload my pcsx2 compilations on skyDrive in my windows live. They will get everyday updates with new compilations, also i will keep the old one's for archive reasons. I will try my best to give support for them but it will be limited to my experience, i am not a coder and i dont even know how to compile them so dont ask for it (my friend is sending those to me he compiles once a day or 2). If u dont want to use the new gui emulator just copy the dll's in the main folder and the plugins to the r1888 for those that want only the latest plugins.

Things to know or do before asking for support:
Be sure to have latest drivers for your video card, have latest direct X (u can get it there: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/detai...laylang=en ), also having a pc above the medium is recommended (read about it here: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2331.html ), also for vista/win 7 users u must have it at a folder with administration rights (like my documents) and always run it at administrator mode.

Etc: I will only give support for the latest of them cause i only use the latest. I will not support anyone using downloaded staff like bios games or everything related to piracy.

Type of support i can give: How to configure or make it work, explaining new options, general helping (but only for the latest as i said Tongue ),
Here is my skyDrive link: *removed*

For moderators: if this is something that is violating any rules be free to delete it, i only do it cause i want to help ppl with low speeds and/or some problems those compilations can fix (and will create Tongue ) because not everyone can or know how to compile them.

I will keep it updated though new threads or edit.

Pcsx2 versions currently included: r2555,

Suggestions accepted about how to organize everything i said above and will add Tongue

Also tell me if links doesnt work.
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well i gonna try it thank you very much
We simply do not allow links to unofficial builds, sorry.
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