Pcsx2 1.0.0 Fps dropped
Hello, I got the emulator (all default settings), played persona 4 and every thing ran smoothly, suddenly I boot it up and when i get to the Intro scene It drops to a painful 20 fps. i have no Idea what went wrong.

Laptop specs.

Win8 64bit
Processor AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 1.90GHz
(RAM) 6.00 GB
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7640G

(please, no spoilers)

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You need a much stronger CPU to run PCSX2 well. Here is an important thread to look at.


Your only option is to use speehacks like EE and VU Cycle stealing and maybe a mild frame skip. If you can overclock that CPU try that too. Ultimately, you are not going to get too far either which way.
Thanks I'll try that. You say i don't have the capability to run the Emulator but honestly I played about 3 hours (on and off) and it ran smooth as a baby's bum minus the odd blips. then suddenly this, even the ps2 start up bit is playing up.

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