Pcsx2 Code issues
Hi im having a problem with my Pcsx2 Cheats. I have watched countless Videos and i have read countless Forums on how to use them and i THINK i have a general understanding of how they work.

Anyways heres what i got. Im running pcsx2 1.2.1 and At the Current moment im trying to get codes to work on Either Final Fantasy X-2 or Yu-gi-oh The Beginning of Destiny.

Below i will attach my Files for the Said games and the .pnach files.

Game info for Final Fantasy X-2
gametitle=Final Fantasy X-2 (NTSC-U) [SLUS_216.83]
CRC - CRC = 0x48FE0C71

Game info for Yu-Gi-Oh the beginning of Destiny
gametitle=Yu-Gi-Oh The Beginning of Destiny (NTSC-U)
CRC- CRC = 0x1C97BC54

I will attach the Files for both games below as well and the .pnach Files.

I use websites that have the Action Replay max codes and i input them into Omniconvert to get the Raw code. Once i have it i use PCSX2CE to generate the Code into the Format and to Create the .pnach File.

I know how to Create the .pnach file without the help of PCSX2CE but i do not know how to generate the proper Coding, as to why i use that Program. Also inside my Pcsx2 Folder i dont have a "Cheats" Folder, i mean i Do but its called "Cheats_ws" does this effect it?

Any feedback on how i can resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.

Attached Files
.txt   emuLog.txt (Size: 4,8 KB / Downloads: 260)
.pnach   1C97BC54.pnach (Size: 115 bytes / Downloads: 394)
.txt   FFX-2.txt (Size: 3,5 KB / Downloads: 283)
.pnach   48FE0C71.pnach (Size: 327 bytes / Downloads: 468)

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1 - avoid too long names as that ISO name of yours, besides avoid non alphabetic characters except the underscore _ or -, just in case.

2 - From now on I refuse to try and help anything installed under C:\Program Files (x86) or any other Windows folder, because it is useless and while games are installed there the possibilities of headache are near infinite.
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did you enable cheats in pcsx2 ?
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yes i have "enabled Cheats" checked. i also checked "Enable Widescreen updates" and when i relaunched the game i got this Log. It says that the Cheats were not Loaded but as you will be able to see they load, but when in the Game it does not work.

Any ideas?

Attached Files
.txt   emuLog.txt (Size: 8,74 KB / Downloads: 398)
Unless you can prove us you actually own 10 PS2s, I'll close this for piracy.
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
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