Pcsx2 Config comes up then says cannot find plugin dic
k when i open pcsx2 config it comes up with cannot find plugin folder so i go and find the folder and all the plugins are there but when i hit ok it says that it cannot find 2 plugins and then it exits out...i really want to play my old ps2 games lol havent played them in a while but this is getting aggravting...could someone help me out.. Cpu:Intel Core 2 Duo Gpu:Intel base chipset Os: Ubuntu

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ok heres the errors that it comes up with:

Could Not Load GS Plugin '/home/slavezero/Downloads/PS/libGSnull.so.0.1.0': /home/slavezero/Downloads/PS/libGSnull.so.0.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Could not open '/home/slavezero/Downloads/PS' directory

Could not open '/home/slavezero/Downloads/PS' directory

in that order..
plugins u use?
also did u update ur directx to the latest edition?
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I'm not sure Directx exists under Ubuntu.

use zzogl instead.

Looks like you didn't crete well your rights onto your "PS" directory. chmod 755 it ...
oh, and erase pcsx2.ini and reconfigure everything
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