Pcsx2 Error opening CDVD
Hello im trying to play my ps2 game disk , Kingdom hearts on the pcsx2. i have all my bios But when i press run An error pops out saying "Error Opening CDVD".Any help?

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This has been answered million times...do not mount the image nor use it with any other program while loading it with pcsx2
I forgot to mention i dont hav it mounted
If it's used by any other program,it's the same...try renaming it.If you can't then it it used by some program
Try to mount it with for example Magic Disc. In the plugin section choose cdvdGigaherz and the virtual mounted file letter, and in the CDVD section choose Plugin it should work.
Using cdvdGigaherz for images is stupid(personal opinion).Why would you mount every game you want to play if you can just use Linuzappz ISO to load the image without mounting.The only thing you have to do is not use the image with any other program...it's not something hard to be done

Also you can use the build-in ISO loader of pcsx2 0.9.7 rather that using plugin
Probably you are right however Linuzappz ISO has some issues in my case with the games I play. Either way the main purpose is to make the game running =].
Use PCSX2 0.9.7 beta's built-in iso loader.
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