Pcsx2 First time configuration help
So I Downloaded Pcsx2 to play the Champions of Norrath and Return to Arms games, but they won't show in the pcsx2 bios rom list in first time configuration. I tried running them by putting the cd in my dvd drive then using cdvdgigahertz, configuring it to my E: drive (the one the disc showed in) but it wouldn't show up in the bios rom list. I changed the location that the pcsx2 looks for the rom to my E: drive, but it still wouldn't work. I used IMGburn to create and iso of the game, then put it in the bios folder for pcsx2, and set the cdvd to Linuz iso cdvd but it still wouldn't show in the bios rom list, Please help. Thanks.

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... Did you take the BIOS from your PS2? Because in the BIOS rom it should show your BIOS not the games... But to show up in the BIOS rom you should put YOUR bios in the bios folder. And in order to select games, run PCSX2, then select CDVD>ISO Selector> Browse, and choose your games' ISOs...
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No I didn't take the Bios from my ps2, it's pack away and that is why I need the emulator. Okay so I need Bios to get past the first time configuration then I can select the iso? Thanks.

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