Pcsx2 Help
Hey guys,

I am less than 24 hours experienced with Pcsx2, and I have been browsing around for information to help me out. I can't seem to find my problem listed here (Not to say that it isn't. If theres another thread, 100% sorry for wasting time.)

I installed Pcsx2 and followed the configuration guide step by step. Loaded my FFX rom, and I'm only getting ~15FPS. The music seems to work fine, hiccups here and there but nothing serious, but the voiceovers are very laggy. I have been playing with the options, including experimenting with the frame skipping, different plugins (? hope thats the right terminology). My specs seem to be above the requirements and I don't know what else to do.

Vista 64 bit, Intel Core 2 duo, 4gb ram. I'm not too tech savvy, so if theres anymore information that I should provide, please let me know.

Any help is really appreciated.

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stop asking help for a game you downloaded.
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