Pcsx2 ISO always gets slowly HELP :(
Hello everybody,

At first i will excuse me if I don't write perfect english, because i'm from germany.

I'm sry if a similar threa is maybe there or not, but i readed sooo much threads before, but nothing has worked, and I'm so desperate that i beg you please not to close this thread it's a emergency Sad

This are the information of my computer:

Lenovo Ideapad 100
Prozessor: 2,16 Ghz (4x) Intel Pentium R CPU N3540
8 GB RAM (7,89GB is working full, that is written on hardware manager)
1000 TB  HDD Hard Disc
Grafic card Intel® Hd graphics
Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
DirectX 2015 (its the newest i find)

Before I write too much, I will first explain the case. If there you need other infos pls ask than i will answer as fast i can.
My problem is very simple, I am testing since months now, to letting work PS2 ISO to Pcsx2 Emulator.
At first they work very good, for example dbz budokai 3 tenkaichi, the intro works without bucking / freezing or getting slowy.
But on gameplay, when you start a fight, it gets a little bit slowly, as more happen, example Kamehameha, as slowly it will work... or Castlevania Lament of Innocence, as more enemys appears, as slowy it will work Sad

If there would be no enemies the ISO would be working nearly perfect :/

I tested very often the speed hacks, VUs, EE/IOP, Video Plugins, the best they work are Direct3d11 and 9, but the problem is always there...
I have did more experiments but as i say, before i will bore you, I will wait and see what exactly you need to know.

I thank you anticipate very much for your comprehension!

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There's not much you can do. It's already surprising any game runs at all. Your processor is way too slow for PCSX2. You'll need to get a new laptop or PC to play at full speed.
You think It's definitely the processor?
On a other Post i sawed, that a 2,5 Ghz processor would be satisfying, and on the moment that its almost the same... 

Can i really quit my hope so quickly ?? Sad
I would like keep this computer...
(09-17-2016, 05:32 PM)JusteBelmontX Wrote: please not to close this thread it's a emergency Sad

Emergency...to play your game.
Your cpu is far too weak for pcsx2...it's on the level of my ancient 8 years old pc and I'm fully aware how slow pcsx2 runs on it(I've been trying pcsx2 on it since pcsx2 0.9.2)
You may have more cores but what matters mostly is the single threaded performance and your cpu stp and more than twice less the recommended for most games(especially 3d)

There is nothing you can do except playing extremely less demanding games(forget anything 3d at full speed)or play on your ps2

Edit:The cpu frequency alone doesn't say much...my old cpu(old pc)is at 2.8ghz and my new one is at 3.5ghz but the difference is at least 20 times faster
Your CPU is meant for very low power situations, which means performance is also very low. It is not all about raw Ghz when you are talking about low powered processors. You need to get a decent desktop CPU like an i3, i5 or i7 without any N's or U's in the name to get decent performance.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Thats very sad because i have buy this laptop on amazon especally for emulation for lesser cash than other notebooks...
It was without Windows, i have installed all myself, the drivers, seversly windows versions... now all-in the time and nerves i spend on it, was all for nothing? :,(
It's a good thing to ask before buying.
I spend around 2 months asking and reading before getting my new pc and at the beginning I also was going to get something that I'll regret
Okay if that is so, then i will see for on other way...
But the only thing I doesn't unterstand on this situation is, that all the posts and threads i have read with similar problems are all so old and there they had very slowly computer systems, weaker than my lenovo, and in any way they getting work this pcsx2 emu! And where it was found a ps2 emulator, there weren't so strong CPUs like 3GHZ yet. :-/
Like I said,ghz alone don't say much.
Here is your cpu,look at the "Single Thread Rating"

Now go back to those "all the posts and threads i have read with similar problems are all so old and there they had very slowly computer systems,"
then get the cpu name of those "very slowly computer systems" and search for it on this page and check the "Single Thread Rating"
Good, I admit that my computer skills are not the best, so I will believe you without losing other time with this laptop...
Before I will do a second mistake to buy a laptop, can you give me the Information I need to run any Emulator liquidly and without headhurts?

I am looking at amazon, there are notebooks where they say over 3GHZ but than on the details they will show only 2,5Ghz?? Is that normal?? Because its on more laptops where they always write two diffrent GHZ.

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