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Pcsx2 ISO always gets slowly HELP :(
Quote:Before I will do a second mistake to buy a laptop, can you give me the Information I need to run any Emulator liquidly and without headhurts?
For smooth gameplay on a laptop you'll have to put your hand deep in your pocket.Usually if you want the performance of a pc on a laptop,you have to be ready to spend around twice the price of the pc for that laptop.

Quote:I am looking at amazon, there are notebooks where they say over 3GHZ but than on the details they will show only 2,5Ghz?? Is that normal?? Because its on more laptops where they always write two diffrent GHZ

And you are keep making the same put it simply,while choosing a laptop get the cpu name and check the page I give you for the single threaded rating.
If the number is around 1600,you'll be fine in most games

And about the other question...the 2.5ghz is the normal speed and 3ghz is while running in turbo mode(which require more power and increases the heat)

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If you have space for it and don't need the portability, I would buy a desktop computer, it will be cheaper for the machine you get and will probably have better specs, then you can keep your current laptop for the on-the-move stuff.
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I think you CPU has weaker STP then my 10 you old Laptop.. Sorry mate. You can't play 99% of ps2 games at full speed..
CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT
RAM - 32 Gigs DDR4
HDD - To many to note. NVEM, SSD and HDD
GPU - Nvidia GTX 1070
OS- Windows 10


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