Pcsx2 Keeps Crashing
Yes i keep getting the message whenever i try and play a cd game (PS2) Pcsx2 has encountered an error and needs to shut down

My comp specs

Windows XP Home Edition (5.1,Build 2600)
CPU-AMD Atholon™ xp 2000+ MMX, 3dnow,1.7GHz
Graphix Card-Nvidia GEForce FX 5200 128mb vram

What could be the problem and if there is a solution

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You need to provide more info than that what version/plugins/settings. One thing comes to mind though. Your cpu is very old and doesnt even support SSE2 so if you are using gsdx that may be the problem, I dont know if Zerogs/Zzogl use SSE2 but you can give them a try. Anyway if you do manage to get it to work you will never be able to get playable speed on that pc its just way too slow.
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Athlon XP doesn't have the SSE2 instructions that the emulator needs currently, you may be able to run older versions but nowhere near the speed most games need.

If you want to try PS2 emulation you will need a new/modern PC.
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